12 Warning Signs That It’s Emotional Infidelity – And Not ‘Just Friendship’

By Athena Staik, Ph.D.


New FBI app helps parents and Police find missing children.....


What Google is doing with the free G-Mail is illegal!!




Biometrics....Why is Facebook doing this?.....

A good article on protecting the elderly.....


Dialing a phone with your brain.....What could be next?.....



Smart traffic system to reduce first responder deaths....

Published 24 March 2011,0

Preventing elder abuse....


Cyber espionage: the stakes are raised...


 FACEBOOK SECURITY- Updates to the interface. New features. Opt-in vs. opt-out. Keeping up with Facebook's constantly evolving landscape—and the way it impacts the security and privacy of your account—can be a challenge. 10 must knows...


Burglars Hacking Into Cars With Keyless Remotes....


Remote Scanner Can Steal Credit Card Information.....


Defining cyber warfare....

Published 23 February 2011

Several high-profile cyberattack incidents lead commentators to worry that we may be using the wrong metaphor to describe the phenomena; Bruce Schneier, for example, says that "What we are seeing is not cyber war but an increasing use of war-like tactics and that is what is confusing us. We don't have good definitions of what cyber war is, what it looks like and how to fight it"
Beware a private investigator might be tailing you the next time you call in sick.
Can social media break up a marriage? Not exactly. But sites like Facebook open a world of possibilities for connecting with people in a low-risk and socially acceptable way, people like old flames or co-workers whom you might not consider it appropriate to call at home or meet in person, especially
The lurking unknowns and suspicions of infidelity fuel a growing unease that can rapidly escalate to anxiety, stress, even a sort of mental paralysis. And the cheater experiences a form of anxiety as well - the stress that accompanies the need to lie to maintain a façade of normalcy.
Luxury goods maker Dunhill has designed a "virtually indestructible" wallet that uses a biometric fingerprint scanner to deter muggers and pickpockets; the wallet will only open when the owner's fingerprint is verified using a scanner similar to those currently on many laptops; additional security
British military scientists plan to develop an army of "invisible" tanks ready for use on the battlefield within five years. Armored vehicles will use a new technology known as "e-camouflage" which deploys a form electronic ink to render a vehicle invisible; highly sophisticated electronic sensors
A hunter in Belarus shot a fox then tried to kill it with the butt of the rifle; the injured fox resisted, and in the process pulled the trigger on the hunter's gun, allowing the animal to run off and sending the unnamed man to the hospital with a leg wound




We have all experienced the fact of life that sometimes everything is not always what it seems to be or what it should be. Whether you’re hiring a nanny, a baby sitter from next door, a new employee, becoming engaged, or are married, most people have something they don’t want you to know. The question is:  Will it hurt you? 


Our Private Investigators have one simple goal…to find the truth to protect you and your interests. We have an unwavering tenacity to find the truth – to give you certainty and peace of mind that you have the truth.


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3. Domestic Investigations: Adultery, Child Custody, Missing Persons, Birth Parent Search, Elder Care, Background Checks, Video Surveillance, Blood and Body Fluid Lab Work, Shaken Baby Defense, and much, much more. 


Our hallmark approach is to be non-judgmental, discrete, ethical, easy to work with, and professional at all times.


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