Abused women

This is a “catch all” phrase that encompasses many meanings from the extreme of murder or rape down to “just” verbal abuse. None of the adjectives used to label these events describes the horrible emotional and physical pain that occurs when someone is abused. Abuse always leaves permanent scares that must be dealt with, sooner or later.


Did you know that the National Statistics on Domestic Violence state that a woman is physically abused EVERY 9 SECONDS? There are over 1.3 Million women in the USA who are abused every year that we know about, because only 25% of the cases are reported to the authorities.

We can help you. We are willing to commit our investigative expertise in order to help you get safe and on your feet, while helping you prove your case.

We are very experienced in this matter and we are discreet and professional at all times. Call us if you need help. We listen and can help guide you to professional organizations that can help.


We are also helping by listing many helpful websites and phone numbers below:

Virginia Dept. of Social Services   www.dss,


Fairfax County:


Great Artical about Verbal Asuse:


Virginia Statewide Hotline: 800-838 VADV


Prince William County: 703-221-4951 and Victim's Advocacy 703-368-4141


Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter: 703-777-6552


Maryland & DC- Family Crisis Center: 301-731-1203 or the Assult Center at 301-618-3154


House of Ruth, DC 202-347-2777


DC Rape Crises Center: 202-333-7273


Rappahannock Councel on Domestic Violence: 540-373-9373







We have all experienced the fact of life that sometimes everything is not always what it seems to be or what it should be. Whether you’re hiring a nanny, a baby sitter from next door, a new employee, becoming engaged, or are married, most people have something they don’t want you to know. The question is:  Will it hurt you? 


Our Private Investigators have one simple goal…to find the truth to protect you and your interests. We have an unwavering tenacity to find the truth – to give you certainty and peace of mind that you have the truth.


We specialize in three areas:

1. Civil Cases between individuals and/or organizations that the police can't take; Asset Location, Skiptracing, etc., H R employee problems; Work related Psychological Injury (PTSD) and all manor of Fraud Cases, and more.

2. Criminal - Skiptracing, Suspicious Suicides, Wrongful Death, Cold or Closed Cases due to a lack of evidence, or incompetence. Shaken Baby Syndrome/AHT, Child and Adult Abuse Cases, and more.  

3. Domestic Investigations: Adultery, Child Custody, Missing Persons, Birth Parent Search, Elder Care, Background Checks, Video Surveillance, Blood and Body Fluid Lab Work, Shaken Baby Defense, and much, much more. 


Our hallmark approach is to be non-judgmental, discrete, ethical, easy to work with, and professional at all times.


You and your interests will be treated with respect, sensitivity, understanding, and always with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.



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