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The Eagle Group Private Investigators understand that, for many, retaining a professional, licensed private investigator may seem intimidating or perhaps maybe even a bit embarrassing in some cases. Please, don’t let your inner fear interfere with knowing the facts and the truth. You’ll find us understanding, non-judgmental and discreet. We’re here to help you and protect you and your interests. We go the extra mile to accomplish our client’s objectives as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.



First, a senior private investigator will discuss your needs on the phone and determine if you even need a private investigator. Second, if you decide to go forward with the case, we will email you an agreement to read, that way you will know right from the beginning what to expect, how much it will cost, and what we can and will not do, so that there are no surprises. If anything changes, which is always possible, we will immediately notify you of the changes, suggest the appropriate solution and cost variance, if any, and let you decide what you want us to do. That way you control the scope and limitation, we control the quality and integrity of the case. A retainer must be applied before we begin.



We will not waste your time or ours. Our Private Eyes work efficiently and cost effectively as possible, but we will not skimp or cut short our investigations to save time and materials at your expense. We are as thorough as you would want and need us to be, while always being fair, professional, law abiding, and friendly. We will be with you every step of the way.



You will receive professionally written and complete reports, pictures or videos when appropriate, and any other evidence that was collected for your case, when needed or requested.






The Eagle Group Private Investigation Firm should not be confused with companies that sell information over the internet. The information that these “data vendors” are selling to anybody that makes a payment or is free for the asking, are not, in most cases, giving you verified, accurate information. We work with only the best and most reliable companies who only work with law enforcement agencies and other licensed professionals. We offer the highest level of service and custom reporting options to fit your needs. We do the investigating job right, the first time. And when needful and appropriate, we go to the source e.g., court house, witness, location, etc., ourselves to find the facts, rather than rely on someone else.


COST: Every case if different. We tailor our investigation to fit your needs. We work within the categories YOU specify, thereby you control the scope and limitations, we control the quality and integrity of the results.


We charge a FLAT RATE Hourly Fee  depending on what we are investigating, plus mileage and travel costs (tolls, etc.) from our office to the subject's location and back.


What our Flat Rate means is this:


1. We DO NOT have hidden charges

2. We do not charge Filing Fees

3. We do not charge an Initial Account Set Up Fee

4. We do not charge an Intake Fee

5. We do not charge for consultations 

6. We do not charge phone fees, not even Long Distance, except for out of country

7. We do not charge for Faxing, except for out of country

8. We do not charge for making Document Copies or Video Copy, except for Night Vision or Miniture Covert Camera Copies)

9. We do not charge for Court Report Fees unless Court Ordered for Testimony

10, We do not charge for Mailing, except for overnight

11. We do not charge for Pre-Surveillance

12. We do not Up-Charge a client for using a credit card

13. There are no supprises in the final invoice.


As a result The Eagle Group has MONEY SAVING SERVICES for its clients.


 How  to  Get Started:


Please contact a member of our investigative team to learn how we can serve you.







We have all experienced the fact of life that sometimes everything is not always what it seems to be or what it should be. Whether you’re hiring a nanny, a baby sitter from next door, a new employee, becoming engaged, or are married, most people have something they don’t want you to know. The question is:  Will it hurt you? 


Our Private Investigators have one simple goal…to find the truth to protect you and your interests. We have an unwavering tenacity to find the truth – to give you certainty and peace of mind that you have the truth.


We specialize in three areas:

1. Civil Cases between individuals and/or organizations that the police can't take; Asset Location, Skiptracing, etc., H R employee problems; Work related Psychological Injury (PTSD) and all manor of Fraud Cases, and more.

2. Criminal - Skiptracing, Suspicious Suicides, Wrongful Death, Cold or Closed Cases due to a lack of evidence, or incompetence. Shaken Baby Syndrome/AHT, Child and Adult Abuse Cases, and more.  

3. Domestic Investigations: Adultery, Child Custody, Missing Persons, Birth Parent Search, Elder Care, Background Checks, Video Surveillance, Blood and Body Fluid Lab Work, Shaken Baby Defense, and much, much more. 


Our hallmark approach is to be non-judgmental, discrete, ethical, easy to work with, and professional at all times.


You and your interests will be treated with respect, sensitivity, understanding, and always with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.



10432 Balls Ford Rd. Suite 300

Manassas, VA 20109




Phone: 703/881-7833

Fax: 866/438-2734

E-Mail: info@theeaglegroup-pi.com


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