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4 phases of mourning after a job rejection

So the job search often goes like this: you write and submit an application, wait for half an eternity for a response and then get a rejection – or worse – no answer at all! Then, go back, look for another promising opportunity. Rinse. Repeat. Sound familiar? Whether we like it or not, job rejections are an […]

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Finding THAT Job

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Transformers G1 Powermaster OVERLORD GIGA figureGraduation and entering the working world full-time for the first time is both an exciting and overwhelming time because it opens a whole world of possibilities! Make the most out of it all by heeding these smart career tips for recent college graduates.

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Better Worklife

How to make friends at your brand new job

You got a new job – woohoo! A quick internet search or a quick chat with your new company’s HR person will help you learn a lot of the thing you might need to know in order to be successful… except how to make friends. Transformers G1 Skidz TF Collection Takara Book Reissue Sealed Complete MintIt’s not about being popular either. Having friends at work is […]

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