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Taiwan has become the first place in the Asian continent to officially legalize same-sex marriageTRANSFORMERS G1 SIDE SWIPE MIB STYLE Reissue COMPLETE REPRO VINTAGE 100% New Hot. Thousands of demonstrators gathered outside Parliament on Friday May 17th, where they cheered and waved rainbow flags, despite strong divisions over marriage equality over the last months. Taiwans were more than happy to celebrate IDAHOT 2019 with such a significant […]

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It’s a fact! LGBTI people are still being tortured and killed in concentration camps in Chechnya. Moreover, chechen authorities continue to round-up people who they perceive to identify as LGBTI. Several LGBT media sorces such as Moovz and Gay Star News have reported on how people are being detained in concentration camps, tortured in horrific […]TRANSFORMERS G1 TAKARA Japan WST Dengeki OPTIMUS PRIME VSX MEGATRON sealed MISB

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Can you picture yourself on a romatic Italian getaway, and staying at a hotel exclusively thought for the LGBTQ Community but opened for everybody?    The new LGBTQ destination to visit is in Italy, and it happens to be one of its most beautiful cities, Venice. Our friends from Axel Hotels have opened their new […]

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Transformers G1 Vintage Predacons Predaking 100% Complete w Crazy Devy UpgradesU.S. politics is stepping forward more often towards inclusion and diversity within their representatives and candidates. Even though current American political and social rhetoric is spinning around racism and intolerance led by President Trump, the pro-LGBT vote is evident in some American states. This time, lesbian candidate Lori Lightfoot was elected as Mayor of Chicago, […]

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Does it bother you when people stereotype the LGBTQ+ community? I’m debunking 5 myths when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community.” Check them out. Transformers G1  Headmaster  Scorponok Lot  Body Only ....    Follow my official profile on MOOVZ, the LGBT social network.

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For some, coming out was considered easy; some considered it difficult and others nearly impossible or unimaginable. I never realized just how long it took me to come out to my family, 12 years. From the time I realized I was interested in women, to the time I reveled I had a girlfriend, 12 years. I […]

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Transformers Studio Series 20 Vol. 2 Retro Pop Exclusive Bumblebee Highway pnguqb3716-Transformers & Robots

Dido releases her stunning new single “Give You Up”, taken from her first album in five years, ‘Still On My Mind’, out March 8th on BMG.   Incredibly empowering and moving, “Give You Up” was written by Dee Adams and Australian duo The Opposite Kids. Transformers g2 orange mixmaster decepticon devastator Rare KB Toys New Sealed“It’s just so perfect,” Dido said of the track. “It’s a good break […]

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For all those lovers of high quality circuit & house music, we have big news! It is about the latest music video recently released by fan favorite DJ, Sagi Kariv featuring Karina Kay.   EDM Diva Karina Kay is a Los Angeles based Israeli singer and performer, well known for her unique vocals in some […]

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Transformers Generation 2 (Hasbro 1994) AFA 85 85 85 90The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has announced that is launching its own LGBTQ Arts Center. The Chorus has taken over a $9.6 M, 1930 art deco building at Valencia Street. It will be the first time that the Chorus will hold a permanent resident. The SF Gay Men’s Chorus is arguably the most famous gay choir in […]